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G.O. (D) No. 45 - Establishment - PWD - TNES - Promotion and posting of AEEs (Civil) as EEs (Civil) transfer and posting of EEs (Civil) in PWD - Orders – Issued.       New AE's Guidence Meeting on 24.2.19 - Circular       G.O.(D)No.326-Establishment - PWD - TNES - Promotion and posting of EEs (Civil) as SEs (Civil) on Temporary basis and Transfer and posting of certain SE (Civil)in PWD - Orders - Issued       G.O.(D)No.311-Establishment –PWD-TNES-Temporary list of EEs(Civil) fit for promotion as SEs (Civil) during the year 2018-2019-Approved-Orders-Issued       Annual General Body Meeting of AoE & AEA on 17.11.2018 @ 10.30 a.m in ARISTO HOTEL, Trichy       Urgent PEC Meeting on 05.10.2018 - Minutes        G.O. (2D) No. 35 - Establishment - PWD - TNES - Promotion and posting of AEEs (Electrical) as Electrical Engineers in PWD - Orders – Issued       G.O. (2D) No. 34 - Establishment - PWD - TNES - Promotion and posting of AEEs (Civil) as EEs (Civil) transfer and posting of EEs (Civil) in PWD - Orders – Issued.       G.O.No.290 - Establishment - PWD - TNES - Retirement G.O. for A & B Officers - Orders – Issued       G.O. (D) No. 211 - Establishment - PWD - TNES - Promotion and posting of SE (Civil) as CE and appointment of Special CE in PWD on temporary basis - Orders – Issued.       G.O.(2D) No.28 - Establishment –PWD-TNES-Temporary list of SE(Civil) fit for promotion as CE in PWD during the year 2018-2019-Approved-Orders-Issued       Central Executive Committee Meeting of AOE and AEA on 7.7.2018 at Pollachi - Circular       G.O.(D) No.137 - Establishment - PWD - TNES - Promotion and posting of SEs (Civil) as CEs (Civil) on temporary basis - Transfer and Posting of certain CE in PWD - Posting of Engineer-in-Chief, WRD, Chennai as Engineer-in-Chief, WRD and CE (General), PWD, Chennai- Approved - Orders – Issued       Reconstruction of Poriyalar Ramalingam Illam, Chennai - Fund Request      


The Tamil Nadu Public Works Department is as old as the British rule in India. It was in the year 1858 that India came directly under the British crown after the First War of Independence in 1857, which was designated by the British historians as the Sepoy Mutiny. It was in the same year, namely 1858, that the Public Works Department was formed based on the recommendations of a Public Works Commission, appointed by the Court of Directors in England. Sir Arthur T. Cotton, of revered memory, was the first Chief Engineer of this newly formed Department.

Aims and Objectives

  • To improve the spirit of fraternity among the members
  • To promote and protect the service interests of the members
  • To infuse a sense of self-confidence in the younger generation of Engineers and encourage them to improve upon their morale
  • To guide the members in discharging their duties without fear or favour in order to enhance the prestige of the members and Department
  • To bring out a monthly journey "Poriyaalar" and publish Technical Books for the use of member-Engineers
  • Demands

  • Pay Revision for AEs, AEEs and EEs to remove pay anomaly
  • Time bound promotions for compensating acute stagnation among PWD Engineers
  • Revival of CE (MI) in PWD and entrusting all Minor Iirrigation works with the PWD in order to attract foreign assistance
  • Up-gradation of SE (P&D) Circle as CE (R&D) (Buildings) for improving efficiency
  • Guidelines

  • The Department & its Objectives

  • Guidelines to New Assistant Engineers

  • Handling Over of Section Charges

  • Service Rules

  • Service Rules-Amended Special Rules

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